Essential Compound Bow Accessories

Essential Compound Bow Accessories

After you’ve done the hard work and research of finding yourself a bow you like, you can then begin to have a bit of fun. Compound bow parts and accessories have the power to completely transform your archery experience and make you a more efficient bowman with just the simple addition of one piece of equipment.

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your compound bow to something more powerful or are a new archer who has no idea what’s an important investment for your bow, we’re here to help with a handy guide.

These are some of the essential compound bow accessories that no archer should be without, and how exactly they can help you be a better shot.

Compound Bow Arrows

Although technically not part of the bow itself, there’s no point having a compound bow without a few arrows. Arrows are just as different as the bows and it can be an entirely new journey just trying to find the ones that suit.

Compound Bow Arrows.

Usually, you can refer to the manufacturer of your bow to see what size and material are recommended as this will give you the best indication of what to use.

Compound bow arrows can be found with three main factors in mind. Firstly, the material of the arrow could be wood, carbon, fiberglass, or aluminum. Secondly, arrow spine and arrow length will be determined by the bow you own. Finally, the shaft pattern of your arrow might be either black, camo or wood grain.

Compound Bow Stabilizer

This important piece of equipment helps you to improve your precision by reducing the movement that occurs when you release the arrow. In order to have a precise shot you need a stable arrow, and that’s exactly what this accessory achieves.

Some people find that a stabilizer is one of the best things they used in order to learn how to get an accurate shot, and once they find that their skills have improved they no longer want to use one.

While it does require more energy to hold the bow, it also reduces the noise and movement, so it’s up to the archer to decide on what they prioritize.

Compound Bow Strings And Stringer

The string of the bow is important is this is what helps to propel your arrow from the bow. With the right string on your bow, you’ll affect the speed and accuracy of the arrow as it’s in flight.

Compound Bow Strings And Stringer.

Knowing when to change your bow strings is a personal preference, with some doing so once a year and others waiting a lot longer. In order to string your bow correctly, you’ll need a stringer which allows you to use your body weight in order to do so.

Compound Bow Case

Some might not consider a compound bow case to be an absolute necessity, but if you take your archery seriously then you will. A quality case should have enough space and compartments to safely store your bow and other bits and pieces.

Because archery is generally an outdoor sport, there’s no telling the damage that could be done to your equipment, and if you’ve spent time and money acquiring the best possible accessories then you won’t want them to be damaged.

Usually, bow cases come in soft or hard varieties depending on the preference of the archer. Not only are these ideal for protecting your equipment from the harsh elements but they can keep them safely locked away from children or others who might be tempted to get into your archery equipment.


In addition to having a quality bow case, many archers also prefer to use a quiver. This is a traditional way to store arrows and it keeps them in pristine condition until you’re ready to use them.

They allow you to easily grab them out with a backhand reach, and these designs have been around since the very early days of archery and bow hunting. Other styles of quivers include ground bags, belt carries, and arrow bags, which each depends on the hunter’s personal preference.

Compound Bow Sights

A compound target sight is one of the most important pieces of equipment and it mounts on the bow’s riser. Your bow sight enables you to aim your arrow and ensure that you’re getting the best shot, and it does so by using a guide to indicate where your arrow will land.

Although it’s not necessary for all situations, and those of higher skill levels prefer not to use them, if you’re planning on shooting long ranges or just beginning in archery then you shouldn’t be without it.

Compound Arrow Rest

If you’ve ever used a bow and arrow before you’ll understand the importance of holding your arrow into place before you shoot. Using a compound arrow rest you’ll be able to keep the arrow in place and hold it there until you’re ready to release the arrow.

Compound Arrow Rest

They come in a few different types including shoot-thru arrow rest, containment arrow rest, and drop away arrow rest.

The Right Equipment For Your Bow

One of the great things about compound bows is how much you can personalize them to meet your specific needs. Rather than using a one size fits all device, compound bows can be adjusted and modified to suit different skill levels, eyesight, orientation, height, targets, and surroundings, so no two are ever the same.

With a quality bow, you’re capable of doing so much more to it and building it to your liking. This means that the most important part of all is choosing a well-made bow that allows you to adapt it as you need, and once you have that, you can go crazy with choosing the parts and accessories you like.

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